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Jonathan Davis (Korn) veröffentlicht What It Is Video

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Jonathan Davis - What It Is
Jonathan Davis – What It Is

Jonathan Davis seines Zeichens Frontmann bei Korn veröffentlicht im Sommer sein Solo-Debüt bei Sumerian Records. Zum Song What It Is gibt es ein Musikvideo. Dieses gibt es weiter unten zu sehen. Viel Spaß daher mit den Information zum What It Is Video und dem Anblick ebendiesen.

Er kommentiert:
“It took 10 years, and I’m so glad this project is finally out. It is something that is very close to me and I’m excited for the world to finally hear it. This time, I’m pulling something out of the audience. I’ve bared my soul for so fucking long, I thought it’d be really cool to pull listeners in a different direction for once.
I’m taking them out of that dark place and into somewhere that’s spiritual, positive, and makes them really think. It’s just art. I’ve changed lives with Korn, but I wanted to open minds with this shit.”

01.06.2018: Rock Am Ring
02.06.2018: Rock Im Park
04.06.2018: Hamburg – Gruenspan (exklusive Headline-Show)
15.06.2018: Wien (AT) – Nova Rock Festival

What It Is Video:

JONATHAN DAVIS – What It Is (Official Music Video) EPISODE 12 – To Be Continued…

Sumerian Records proudly welcomes JONATHAN DAVIS This is the first single from his debut solo album.

Jonathan Davis Tour 2018
Jonathan Davis Tour 2018
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